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Turpentine Brothers

Turpentine_brothers More great stuff from the fine folks at Alive-Total Energy Records, the Turpentine Brothers are not brothers but a threesome that play raw, gnarly garage rock and roll or as their record label so adequately describes it “garage/punk/dirtbag R&B.” Hailing from Boston, the Turpentine Brothers are being called a grittier version of the White Stripes by some but I just listen mesmorized to their raw rock and roll fury especially with that screeching wailing organ going at full throttle. If you want to know what I’m talking about listen to “We Don’t Care About Your Good Times” or “Why Can’t I do” off of their debut album “We Don’t Care About Your Good Times.” If you want to experience the Turpentine Brothers live then check them out as they are on tour now. Their current tour dates are:

March 10 – RECORD RELEASE PARTY @ the Abbey Lounge, Boston (Somerville) MS

March 12 @ Trash Bar, Williamsburg Brooklyn NY
*West Coast dates with The Husbands

March 17 Arcata, CA @ 330 Club

March 18 Seattle @ the Funhouse with the Invisible Eyes

March 19 Stanwood WA @ The Stanwood Tavern with the Invisible Eyes

March 20 Portland @ Berbati’s Pan with the hunches & the Invisible Eyes

March 22 Davis @ G Street Pub with the Losin Streaks

March 23 San Francisco CA @ The Hemlock Tavern

March 24 Oakland CA @ The Stork Club with the Hospitals

March 25 San Diego CA with Beehive & the Barracudas

March 26 Los Angeles @ the Scene CA with Guilty Hearts & the Slighted

March 27 Long Beach CA @ Alex’s