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Update on Kindercore Records

Press Release issued with respect to the status of Kindercore Records as posted to the Auddities mailing list:




Kindercore Records founders Daniel Geller and Ryan Lewis today filed a
lawsuit against I.D.E.A. (International Development of Entertainment
Alliances), also known as The Telegraph Company, Kindercore General Manager
Jerod Gunsberg and I.D.E.A. CEO Stanley Hartman for breach of contract,
slander, libel, and a host of other infractions.

A strategic partnership formed in 2001 between the Kindercore label and
Telegraph was intended to strengthen the label’s administration and further
the aesthetic and ideals that Geller and Lewis had established. The
partnership quickly devolved over the 18 months that the relationship
existed, culminating in the recent announcement that Kindercore was folding.

Geller states, “We were as surprised as anyone on November 12th to learn
that Kindercore would be closing. We were also surprised on November 14th
to find out the label was not closed and would now be run by Stan Hartman
who had previously stated to us that he wanted nothing to do with the
creative side of running a record label”.

In the beginning, Geller and Lewis expected that their partnership with
Telegraph would allow them to continue guiding the artistic direction of
Kindercore while also allowing more time for them to work on their own
music. Geller and Lewis perform in bands on the Kindercore label – I Am The
World Trade Center and The Agenda respectively.

Lewis says, “We’re artists at heart and have always been about the music.
We saw this partnership as a chance to keep the label going in the same
artistic direction that we had established and to also uphold our
commitments to our artists.”

Instead, after the agreements were signed, Geller and Lewis began to see
their roles at the label rapidly diminish, a situation that came to a head
when Kindercore signed two bands that Geller and Lewis had passed on (in one
case) and had never even heard (in the other). Compounding this lack of
control over their own company, Geller and Lewis’ own bands were then
dropped from the label, a curious move considering that I Am The World Trade
Center is the second biggest selling act on Kindercore.

“Since being in bands on the roster was essentially the last real connection
we had with the label we started, we had no other choice but to await
further news on the future of Kindercore”, Geller says. “At this point, we’
re very concerned for the bands that are still associated with Kindercore.”
Lewis elaborates, stating that he and Geller are doing “everything we can to
bring a quick resolution to this situation. Bringing this legal action was
the last thing we wanted to do, but we felt it was the only thing we could
do to help the friends and artists who had faith in us when we entered into
this arrangement with Telegraph.”

Quinn Heraty, of the law firm Heraty Hall, is representing the plaintiffs. A
legal fund has been established to help offset the costs associated with
furthering this action. Please visit for more
information on how to contribute.

Legal inquiries can be directed to Quinn Heraty at Heraty Hall.
212-979-3728 | |

Press inquiries can be directed to Joshua Bloom at Fanatic Promotion, LLC.
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