Voodoo Johnson perservere and hit the road with Europe

We all know that nothing comes easy in this world. In the music business, this is exaggerated and taken to the extreme on many occasions for so many bands. The most recent example of this that I have come across is the recent situation that Voodoo Johnson have encountered.

Late in August of last year, the band released their debut album, “10,000 Horses” (and these stallions are all pure thoroughbred heavyweight beasts).  The album was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Lost Prophets, Bullet for a Valentine and many more) and is an excellent piece of kick-ass, solid rock. There are eleven tracks (actually, ten plus one bonus track!) and each of these justifies the need for the entire rock world to take a listen and prepare for the voodoo that these boys do.Voodoo Johnson are shortly to embark on a tour supporting Europe on their Balls n’ Banners UK tour. As I am sure you will agree, this is a great achievement that heralds exciting times for the future of this band. But to get back to the point of this ramble; the tour was secured shortly after “10,000 Horses” was released and everything was going exceedingly well.

A short while ago, Voodoo Johnson’s vocalist, Kev Bayliss, departed from the band due to personal/professional differences. What a devastating dilemma this must have been. We all know that you cannot keep a good band down and Voodoo Johnson have recently announced that VJ’s new singer is Nik Taylor-Stoakes. Until recently, Nik had been providing vocals for a well established British post grunge, hard rock band – Vallenbrosa. The tour goes ahead, onwards and upwards, for Voodoo Johnson. Their first single with Nik is called Black Skies Mist and will be released in March, written with Brian Tatler of legends and Metallica’s favourite band, Diamond Head. Brian also plays a solo on the track, which will also be featured on their coming EP. More news to follow soon…

Balls n’ Banners tour dates are…..

Feb 17 – Glasgow 02 ABC
Feb 18 – Birmingham 02 Academy
Feb 19 – London Shepherds Bush Empire
Feb 21 – Oxford 02 Academy
Feb 22 – Bournemouth O2 Academy
Feb 23 – Bristol O2 Academy
Feb 25 – Manchester Academy

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Saw them on the main stage at Cambridge Rock Festival 2010. Was mightily impressed. Shame about Kev, but looking forward to hearing what Nik brings to their sound. Going out with Europe will surely win them a multitude of new fans. Dawn xx

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