Odds & Sods

We are currently experiencing technical problems. Please stand by.

Sorry folks but I have run into a nasty virus on my computer preventing me from posting to The Rock and Roll Report. It should be cleared up soon but until then go dust off that old MC5 record and blast your ear drums out OK? I’ll be back with more rock and roll goodies ASAP, I promise.
UPDATE: This is going to take a bit longer than expected. Continue with both “Nuggets” box sets and by then things will hopefully be cleared up. Oh, and to the moron who released this virus, thanks.
UPDATE # 2 Yes I’m still here duking it out with the SVCHOST virus. Ironically enough there is a patch available from Microsoft but the virus is preventing me fromm downloading it. Nice huh? Last night I did a complete re-format of my hard drive and re-installed Windows 2000. Tonight I will load up a new anti-virus program and then hopefully download all the patches to update my system. Doesn’t actually put one in the mood to talk about rock and roll but I have a whole bunch of stuff piling up to write about such as the first Smile concert in London by Brian Wilson and The Wondermints, some cool new releases from Rhino Handmade, two very cool Mod festivals in London and Chicago and the usual host of great bands, record labels, websites and radio stations to talk about. I even picked up the latest Mojo, Magnet and Q> History of Rock and Roll Special Edition (part 1) but I haven’t even taken them out of their bags but fear not! I’ll be back as soon as my home PC is back up to snuff. Can’t write from my current location so keep checking in and thanks for reading The Rock and Roll Report!