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Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2012

For the third year in a row, the city of Cleveland came alive with creativity of all kinds in the forms of music, arts and many other forms of creative expression as we once again hosted the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest on June 9th and 10th, with a preview date on June 8th. Like other conferences that have come before and those that are still around like North By Northeast and South By Southwest, the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest combined many different creative elements together to create a unique experience, all while taking place in Greater Cleveland.

The two-day Weapons of Mass Creation Fest was once again a feast for all of your senses, as the festival created an experience that you were only able to get if you travelled hundreds of miles outside of Cleveland. But now, once a year, people come here to take in this event that brings together professionals from many different industries that all have one thing in common- creation. Three of the main parts of this festival are: Design, Speakers and Performance.

Design: Many different artists brought their ideas as well as their art to display during the weekend. As the artists come from different fields of art and design as well as from different types of companies and organizations, you had the opportunity to view many forms of artistic expression. Studio Ace of Spade, Three Bears Design and Fizz Creative were just some of the studios that will be took part in the show, as well as Go Media, the company that brings the festival together each year. The best part of the Art/Design Show was that it was free!

Speakers: Part of any good conference like this is the ability to check out many different people who come to talk about the main idea that the festival is centered around. With the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest having to do with many different artistic ideas, many different people spoke about different parts of the Arts industry. Sunday featured a standing room only audience in the Reinberger Auditorium with Jennifer Daniel from Bloomberg Businessweek and Jeff Finley from Go Media (the company behind the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest III). Some of the other participants scheduled were: Friends of Type, Matt Stevens, Tad Carpenter, Margot Harrington and of course Johnny Cupcakes. (Photograph of Jennifer Daniel from

Performance: Like any good conference like this, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest III featured plenty of performers throughout the two-day event. Like last year, this year’s event featured a breakdance competition for B-Boys and B-Girls who are looking to show off their moves.

For the rest of the time that the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest took place there was plenty of music being performed. With an indoor and outdoor stage, one band performed as another band set up. Over twenty-five bands played during the two days of the festival.
Some of the bands that were worth checking out this year included: Into It, Over It; She Bears; Bethesda; A Great Big Pile of Leaves; and Two Hand Fools. Each of the bands mentioned have a style all their own and helped create a unique sound as they took to the stage and performed some of their music in front of very attentive audiences. While some bands who took part in the festival featured very commercially-approachable sounds that people would find enjoyable and others had more experimental sounds that would leave many scratching their heads if those bands were performing in a more conventional concert setting, the festival setting of Weapons of Mass Creation allowed for bands of any and all styles to perform together and create an ever-changing lineup of music that kept the music part of the event interesting. (Photograph of Bethesda courtesy of the Weapons of Mass Creation Facebook page).

With all that was going on this past weekend in the Greater Cleveland area, it was great to see how many people made their way out to check out the festival. The bands all had decent crowds inside of Saigon Plaza and around that venue’s outside stage as well; the speakers at Reinberger Auditorium spoke to capacity crowds during their time on the stage; and the Design show inside of iLTHY Workshop had plenty of interested art lovers checking out the artists offering their art or the printing companies who were promoting their company’s products for sale.

The 2012 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest turned out to be well-visited this year and next year’s event promises to be even bigger and better than this year. If you were not able to check out this year’s event, it’s never too early to make plans for next year. To keep up with what’s being planned for the next event in 2013, check out the website for the Weapons of Mass Creation.
Here is a list of some of the songs played during the 2012 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest so you can experience just a little of what took place during this year’s event:

Dreamtiger” by Bethesda

Graveyards” by Two Hand Fools  

August, GA” by Into it, Over It

A Few Screws Loose” by A Great Big Pile of Leaves

Found Myself Asleep” by She Bears