What’s in my magazine rack this month?

Being bedridden all weekend does have its’ dubious advantages. I don’t think I have read so much in such little time for as long as I can remember. From Friday to Sunday night, when I wasn’t sleeping from the drugs, I was reading. First on my list of magazines to read was the February-March issue of Magnet. Believe it or not I had never read this magazine before but that will change since I plan to subscribe this week. What a great music magazine! Billed as “Real Music Alternatives” the current issue of Magnet is great as it is their “eccentric and dreamers” issue with Robin Hitchcock on the cover and they certainly know how to pick ‘em. Robin Hitchcock, Brian Wilson (obviously), Roky Erickson and Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre made this an absolutely great read. Very cool stuff. I can’t believe I used to read Spin instead of this! I also managed to finish off the latest Ugly Things and if you are even remotely interested in all things Nuggets related, this is the magazine for you. I was especially intrigued since there was a feature on the great Canadian ‘60s “could have been as big as the Beatles” band The Paupers as well as a feature on Skip Spence written by science fiction super author William Gibson. Ugly Things just goes from strength to strength. I also finally had a chance to read the “Acid” issue that was February’s Mojo and with all the drugs I was on last weekend I started identifying with that Crazy Diamond Syd Barret featured in the magazine! I like Mojo because it is so densely packed with tons of music and I always learn about some band or record label that I knew nothing about and this month was no exception as the piece on Randy California and Spirit had me hooked. The hunt is on for “Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.” Finally, the Q special edition “From Elvis to the Beatles” part of their three-part “50 Years of Rock and Roll” special was a great read. I especially liked the Polaroids taken during the infamous trip to Morocco by Brian Jones, Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg that changed the face of the Stones (and rock and roll) forever. Very cool stuff. Until next month.