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What’s new this month

A couple of things to look out for this month.
The first is the latest edition of The Continental Magazine over at Double Crown Records featuring a whole host of cool surf/instro/garage madness from around the world. On top of that they have a new Double Crown Blog that you will want to check out right now.
Another new issue of Perfect Sound Forever has also hit the web and as usual it is excellent especially the feature on Terry Knight (the villain for all you Grand Funk fans), Laura Nyro and our favourite rock and roll hoodlum Phil Spector. Always required reading.
The last two issues of Mojo look pretty cool, especially the Brian Wilson issue and I hope to review them in a bit more detail later on this week or next. I have also been flipping through the first Q History of Rock and Roll issue and it is definitely worth the 16 bucks Canadian I paid for it. I can’t eat for a few days but hey, that’s rock and roll.
As usual, there’s always more to come. I look forward to it. To the bathroom!…I mean library.