What about Rush?

Speaking of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, while I think the museum is pretty cool I think that the politics of induction into the "Hall of Fame" stink. Just as an example, I am reprinting this from Punmaster as I cannot seem to find the original article on MTV News:


Ever wondered why, say, The Lovin’ Spoonful is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Sabbath aren’t? MTVNews.com posed the question to a member of the Hall of Fame’s nominating committee, Dave Marsh. That committee is made up of about 75 "music historians," who then hand their list to a larger voting committee of 750. Marsh alleges that some of the nominations are made because of personal bias or, worse, business-related favoritism. An anonymous voting member said that when Talking Heads and The Ramones got inducted in ’02, he thought: "My, my, there couldn’t be any coincidence about Seymour Stein [who signed both artists] being the head of the Hall Of Fame?" Stein, for his part, flat out denies the assertion, but adds: "I voted for all of them. However, I have one vote in the nominating committee and one vote in the [voting committee]." Read the whole story at MTVNews.com.


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  1. its bull that rush isnt in the hall of fame. you can just sit down and listen to any of their cds for hours. their songs are all so good. their best cd was the spirit of the radio and chronicles. those had the best of their songs and maybe the people at the hall of fame should go and buy their cds and listen to them so they could see why they should be there.

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