Rock Radio 2.0

What do you have when you combine MP3s and Weblogs? MP3 Blogs!

Like the names Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan, most people everywhere recognize the terms MP3, spam, website and e-mail. Soon the phrase “blog” will join the list of universally recognized tech buzzwords just because of their rapid proliferation (10,000 new blogs are created every day according to Technorati). What happens when you combine MP3s and blogs? You get MP3 blogs, a new and discerning way to discover music according to MP3 Weblogs Combine Reviews With Music Files (link courtesy of Coolfer).

“MP3 blogs are more like a really hip college radio station. The typical site usually offers up one or two music files per day, combined with a short review or comments on the tune. Readers are encouraged to download the music, read the accompanying review and share their thoughts.”
“The result is a fascinating mix of Rolling Stone and a mix-tape. Visitors are exposed to new music, and given some insight into the story behind the song. It is a much more intimate way to discover music, and many fans of the weblogs claim it gives them a new appreciation of music.”

As the Internet continues to expand and the selection of music available through non-traditional (i.e. major label or retail store) continues to expand with it, these kind of sites will rise in importance as busy web surfers will use them as a kind of “tip sheet” to discover new music. Coupled with the popularity of portable players like the iPod, this truly points to a new an exciting use of technology. Expect The Rock and Roll Report to offer a similar service in addition to the “Now This is Rock and Roll!” feature shortly.