Rock and Roll Reads

What I’m reading this week: Harp Magazine

I am a late convert to Harp magazine but a happy one. The first thing that caught my eye when I started reading it was all those ads for musical instruments. Imagine that! Ads for actual musical instruments in a music magazine! I was stunned. Add to that all the cool articles and reviews of stuff and people I have heard about and a lot that I haven’t and you’ve got my interest (and subscription). The latest issue is no different. Check out those two bums on the cover. Believe it or not that’s Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck from the great and infamous Minus 5. Scott McCaughey is the kind of musician I really admire (my admiration for Peter Buck is readily apparent throughout this site so let me concentrate on a man who doesn’t get his fair share of press). He plays just about everywhere and with anybody. His taste in rock and roll is impeccable. He brought us the Young Fresh Fellowes. He pumps out great stuff with the Minus 5. I mean the guy is a rock and roll Johnny Appleseed. There are people that exist in this world that play music, not for the money or for the fame but merely because that is what they love to do and Scott McCaughey is one of these people. Buy In Rock and you will see what I mean. If Scott McCaughey is involved, it’s bound to be good.