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What I did on my summer vacation

Well The Rock and Roll Report is back in business. After a week at the cottage soaking up some rays (and a bit of rain) with my family, fishing, swimming and eating BBQ I am ready to rock and roll again. On my week off the closest I got to rock and roll were the two issues of Magnet magazine and the May issue of Mojo that I dragged down to the beach every day. I ended up mostly reading instead a cheesy murder-mystery called “The Rock Critic Murders” that I found in the marina library which passed the time quite nicely. I probably should have brought some music with me since I have about an iPod’s worth of rock and roll to listen to but since I don’t have an iPod, and since my family wouldn’t appreciate me walking around with headphones on the whole week I wisely decided to forego the music. Anyhow it was a nice break. We’ll be sticking to the summer schedule for the remainder of August then go back to five days a week in September. As always, your comments and e-mails are appreciated.
Thanks for reading and let’s get back to that music we like to call rock and roll.