What Makes a Guitar Player Great?

Rock Cesario of the Miami Herald makes an interesting point when he asks in The list of great guitar players goes on and on and on “Would your favourite guitar player also be the best guitar player?” For example I love Keith Richards and Peter Buck but are they “the best” guitar players out there? What is the best anyhow on such a subjective question? Was Hendrix really the best even if in some people’s opinion his songs sucked? The same could be said about Jimmy Page or Link Wray? Or what about all those classical guitar players that most of us have never heard of? All food for thought in a good read. Catch it before the free access inevitably expires.

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  1. There are those who play guitar great and there are great guitar players; what makes a guitar player great is one who has the ability to master the mechanics; but a great guitar player plays from his soul; a great guitar player becomes what he plays, and is able to intrinsically project that with the greatest of ease; they are one! That is what makes a great guitar player.

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