When Green Day Were Just Kids

There was a time before Green Day, Blink 182 and the Offspring when another generation of rockers played melodic, punk pop. The Romantics, The Jam, The Buzzcocks and The Knack were pumping out some great, fun rock and roll. Sure some critics complained that this “mod revival” was nothing more than a regurgitation of the sounds of the ’60s but try telling that to the people behind the great website The Mod Pop Punk Archives. This is the kind of website I love. First of all, it’s jam packed with stuff which means the person/people who created it actually care about the music. Second, it re-introduced me or better yet introduced me to a lot of great music that immediately made me dig into my old record collection to see if I still had some of this stuff. A great site with tons of information, MP3s, news and links. Guaranteed to make you start looking for that Jam record you used to have kicking around and remind you why you liked My Sharonna the instant you heard it. Good stuff.