Odds & Sods

Where has the time gone?

It’s been six months to the day that I started The Rock and Roll Report and the time has flown by. When I started writing this blog, I had the vague idea to publish the increasing amount of cool rock and roll links that I had been collecting for the benefit of people sadly mistaken that “classic rock” and “adult alternative” radio were the only way to get their rock and roll kicks. After six months I can unequivocally state that the amount of cool rock and roll record labels, radio stations, magazines and websites featuring tons of cool rock and roll bands number in the hundreds and quite possibly the thousands. While my tastes and your tastes may vary on a particular band or song, looking at the big picture confirms that rock and roll is still alive and kicking on the cusp of 2004 and you don’t need to listen to “Stairway to Heaven”, “Back in Black” or “Start Me Up” forty times a day on the radio to satisfy your rock and roll fix. As I take a break from writing for the next couple of days (don’t worry I still have a couple of rock and roll tricks left for the remainder of 2003, they will just be sporadically posted) I am looking forward to the hype, the excesses and the stupidity that the music world no doubt will be throwing our way next year because I know that in some garage, basement or rehearsal space somewhere out there, a guitar amp is humming, a bass is being tuned and cymbals are being polished in preparation to unleash another wave of timeless, niche free rock and roll on the world and man, I can hardly wait! Trust me when I say that rock and roll is far from dead, you just have to know where to look. As Frank Zappa stated when describing the musical “underground” of the sixties and which still seems appropriate today “The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground.” Join me for an exciting 2004 as we continue to search the “underground” for real, exciting rock and roll fun, have a couple of laughs along the way and maybe introduce some people to some really good (and really crappy yet strangely still good) rock and roll. Thanks for reading. Have a great 2004 and please, comments to the site are accepted and in fact encouraged. Attitude antennae up! Ears tuned to the underground! Turntables at the ready! Let’s go!