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Where is Peter Rudge now? A Quick Review of “Journey Through America with the Rolling Stones” by Robert Greenfield

A Journey Through America with the Rolling Stones” (also referred to as STP) is a great book. This is hand’s down one of the best books about rock and roll in general and a band on tour in particular ever written. Greenfield tracks the Rolling Stones as they barrel through America on their 1972 tour with razor sharp focus, veering from glimpses of the band in concert to the gaggle of hangers on that manage to lurch through the proceedings just outside the spotlights. Every stereotype and cliché is there for the viewing: drugged out rocker, underage groupie, stoned but efficient roadie as well as a group of jet set “guests” that make the whole scene bizarre in the extreme. Keith Richard’s take on Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion and Hugh Hefner’s take on Keith Richard’s take on the Playboy Mansion is a scream. Perfect reading for the summer.
Highly recommended. Get it at Helter Skelter books, the premier music oriented bookstore.