Why Should You Care?

What is the Rock and Roll Report? Is it just another music site on the web? My attempt to be the new Mojo Navigator Rock and Roll News? A way to waste my time at work? Who knows? Right now it is just a simple blog featuring my ruminations about various weighty Rock and Roll subjects like: Is “Journey through America with the Rolling Stones” the greatest book on Rock and Roll? or When will Gord Downie spontaneously combust on stage? Or how about “Was Woodstock ’69 really that groovy?”
And what, you are probably asking yourself, do I consider to be Rock and Roll? Well, I know it when I hear it and I don’t hear it enough so let’s dig into the grimy corners of the ‘net and see where rock and roll is still making that twisting, caustic, thumping voodoo noise that we love so much.
Hop on board, we’re leaving the station!