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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl: Brijitte West – She Plays Guitar Like a Boy but Walks Like a Girl!

Brijitte West CoverA wise woman once said, “I love Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Fair point. Nobody has put more nickels in the jukebox, baby(!), than Brijitte West.

Born and raised in Nooo York, Brijitte raised the flag for rock ‘n’ roll, and still flies it now. NY scenester, and alumni of De-Generation et al, Brijitte paid her dues and then some.

When NY Loose burst onto the scene as an “overnight sensation” (yeah right – after a slew of self-produced singles and sometimes thankless slogs in dirty clubs) back in 1996, she became the pinup gal for gutter rock fans with discerning taste, but she was always much, much more. Insightful lyrics, commanding stage presence and one of the greatest and instantly recognizable voices in rock, for starters.

NY Loose disintegrated in a mire of managerial hoo-hah that would have had the writers of the Sopranos dismissing the saga as “too much” , after touring with Marilyn Manson, Reverend Horton Heat, the Ramones and many more…

After the “Whiskeytown if Lucinda Williams jammed” alt-country-rock stylings of San Dusky, Brijitte kinda “dropped out” (maaan) for a few years…

But now she’s back, with a killer band and ten freaking scorchers of songs, one featuring Jesse Malin in a duet with Brij. All Killer, no filler.

Brijitte West and the Desperate Hopefulls will be released on CD and limited edition LP this summer.

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