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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl for December is Samantha Gibb

samanthagibb coverHello cats and kittens!

Our last Triple R Girl of 2009 is the very multi-talented, very gravitational SAMANTHA GIBB. She formed her band, MEG, in Miami Beach, FL, in 2002. The band consists of her dearest friends from club days on South Beach. MEG is Samantha Gibb (lead vocals, piano/keys, and rhythm guitar), Lazaro Rodriguez (lead guitar, piano/keys, percussion, and back-up vocals), and Nick Sallons (bass, percussion, and back-up vocals). The MEG/Samantha sound is melodic rock/alternative with touches of electronica and some yummy bass. It’s romance, soul, hope, melancholy and beats, all rolled into one.

Samantha comes from a musical family (the Gibbs, hello…) and always knew she would go into music. She and her friends decided to start playing beautiful, soulful and rocking music on South Beach back in the day, and after gigging locally for a few years there they decided to rent a house for two months to check out Nashville, TN in 2006. In their time spent there, they fell in love with the musicians, the people, the music venues, and the lifestyle that Nashville had to offer. With all the said, and even though they weren’t a country act, they thought the best thing and only thing they could do was pack their bags and move to Music City.

The band lived together in a house which has become their fully functional and rentable studio, M.E.G. Productions, in East Nashville. Currently, they are working on their fourth album as well as writing and producing for other artists.

After moving to Nashville, they couldn’t help but fall in love with all the raw talent and wealth of undiscovered acts. MEG put together a production crew from Miami and began filming. In the Summer of 2007 MEG and the boys created and were a part of a documentary entitled, “A Nashville State of Mind.” The inspirations for the film came from the musicians and artists they met when they first arrived in the Music City. As they were working on their music and becoming part of the scene, they became a part of the town, befriended the locals and ex-pats, and a film was born. To critical acclaim, may I add.

With Samantha as their dynamic leader, MEG has gone on to try and conquer self-produced music, as well as videos, documentaries and producing for other artists. Personally, my favorite songs from MEG are “All the Time” (video at and “Giving In” – check the songs out on their MySpace!

Check them out at:
To see a trailer for the film:
And, for production services in the Nashville area:

If you’re in Nashville, see them TONIGHT, DEC. 1 at The Basement! Also, in Goodlettsville, TN, on Dec. 10, at Dougie Ray’s.

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