Yep Roc Records has gone streaming crazy!

Go check out Yep Roc Records home page right now as they have all kinds of full length albums streaming for free for your listening pleasure including:

* The Moaners’ "slow burning" Blackwing Yalobusha
* Dolorean’s You Can’t Win (which Amazon says "supplies the soundtrack for life in general")
* You Am I’s Convicts ("poppy punk that vibes the Replacements – Rolling Stone)
* Kristin Hersh’s Learn To Sing Like A Star ("unsettling in a good way" – Rolling Stone)
* Sloan’s Never Hear The End Of It ("power pop majesty" – Village Voice)
* and the amazing covers on SCOTS’ Countrypolitan Favorites, "where rural and urban sensibilities meet."

Pretty cool but then Yep Roc is a pretty cool label.