I don’t like to post too many press releases (hard to believe today eh!) but this kind of shit drives me up the wall. Censorship is plain evil in my opinion. You be the judge. (Mark)

‘Dirty Folk’ Comic Jessica Delfino Explodes Out of the Box with “My Pussy Is Magic”

NEW YORK (Jan. 31, 2007) – Ongoing efforts by the Political Correctness Police to ban the new hot-button music video from critically acclaimed “dirty folk” comic JESSICA DELFINO are instead having an adverse effect on its mounting popularity.

The video’s resilience to a recent Catholic League denouncement, coupled with its prior resurrection from YouTube banishment, is further vindication. Nothing can seemingly stop the power of MY PUSSY IS MAGIC.

Since its latest YouTube reinstatement, over 45,000 viewers have flocked to the wildly popular website to see what the Catholic-raised woman named “Best Potty-Mouthed, Guitar-Slinging Comedian of 2005” by the Village Voice has conjured with director Matt Davis (Mad TV, Martin Short’s Primetime Glick, MTV’s upcoming Human Giant). Thousands more websites also have linked, including, and Denmark’s

MY PUSSY IS MAGIC was hastily yanked from YouTube the day after Google snatched the site for $1.65 billion. Delfino since has been twice reinstated amid an alternate title change to Jessica Delfino Is Magic. Giant Magazine is among her media defenders.

The Catholic League made what Delfino declares are “anti-Muslim statements” in a press release charging her with obscenity and accusing her of giving “ammunition” to radical Muslims by rapping about her genitals and singing “it will become your true religion.” (Note misquote: she sings “new religion.”). Delfino, accusing Catholic League President William Donohue of being “a hypocrite and a bigot,” fired back: “I don’t know why he is afraid of refocusing attention on humanity’s true source of creation, the mysterious and magical womb. That doesn’t make him a better Catholic than me.”

Loose lips can’t sink this ship. See why at

The Washington Post made a regional comedy gig “Our pick” despite noting Delfino is “provocative enough to be taken off YouTube.” She has appeared on Good Morning America and Opie & Anthony and has received accolades from Comedy Central, Jane Magazine, Time Out New York and Backstage.

MY PUSSY IS MAGIC mixes live action and animation in adapting Delfino’s wildly ribald act to video. She says it’s great to make music that inspires, particularly when she’s writing about what she loves…


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  1. William Donahue gets offended by just about everything. He’s also a world class boorish lout who shows up on a lot of news network “shouting head” programs where he uses his time to insult, interrupt, and shout down anyone who disagrees with him.

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